You can contact us using this page below, we run a case system that allows us to keep track of all queries, and allows different staff members to take over when the other is predesposed or is on holiday. It means that we will always respond as quickly as we can. It works by putting your query into our database and then it issues you with a case ID number. This number can always be used for any future communication, but it also allows you to get back into the portal at any time to catch up and see if we have replied. The system automatically notifys you when you place your query and it will email you when a staff member replies, but we have had notification from customers that people with email addresses using Bigpond do not receive our notification emails at all. So we politely request that at the time of making your query that you make a note of the ID, and then you will see that when you make your query there is a box that allows you to enter your ID and it will take you straight the conversation. With the apparent email issues, it seems the best way to handle our customer's queries because without the communication system customers would receive nothing at all from us just using an notification based function. Please do not reply to our automated notifications, they are for notification purposes only and for directing you straight to your conversation. Please always reply using the communication portal.

If you would like more information on our range of other products for both men and women then a member of staff will be happy to point you in the right direction for more information.

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